Slay Social Media & Facebook Ads Masterclass

Are you ready to make social media work for your business?

Hey gorgeous!

It’s Steph Rodnez here, founder of, and I just want to ask you a question -

Are you struggling to make social media work for your business?

Do you constantly find yourself losing money when you run Facebook Ads?

Or even worse - are you doing social media & running ads and STILL not making sales in your business?

Sis, I totally understand.

When I started Godlywood Girl in 2014, I knew I’d need to leverage social media to grow my business.

But unfortunately, my strategy was a HOT MESS.

My content was all over the place, I constantly changed my brand messaging and I couldn’t get engagement no matter what I did.

And when it came to Facebook Ads -

Let me tell you sis, I was constantly spending dollar after dollar and seeing nothing in return.

I knew I had to do SOMETHING if I wanted to grow my business.

So I started testing, testing and testing different strategies. And through that process, I discovered a secret formula that made Facebook ads profitable for me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

And I want to show you how to do the exact same thing.

That's why I created “The Godlywood Girl’s Guide To Slaying Social Media & Paid Facebook Ads," a 90-minute online class where I teach you:

  • My step-by-step formula for how I create engaging social media content
  • My fool-proof formula for creating Facebook Ads that WORK
  • The secret tools I use to generate social media content QUICKLY
  • And so much more!

Finally, you’ll know how to use social media to GROW your business.

You’ll have a firm grasp on how to use Facebook Ads profitably so you make two dollars back for every dollar you spend.

You’ll learn how to create content for your business that is BRANDED and doesn’t take all day to make it.

AND you’ll be able to ask any questions you have live!

During the masterclass, you'll watch me demo a paid Facebook Ad campaign from scratch.

You’ll also see me create a social media campaign optimized for ENGAGEMENT so you can apply the same exact strategy to your business.

With the “The Godlywood Girl’s Guide To Slaying Social Media & Paid Facebook Ads” Masterclass, you’re gonna get access to the entire 90 minute masterclass that you can keep forever.

Facebook Ads classes today are sold for $997, not to mention courses on creating social media content.

But I’m not charging $997 for this masterclass.

In fact, I’m not even charging HALF of that.

Or HALF of that.

Darling, you’re gonna get the ENTIRE Godlywood Girl’s Guide To Slaying Social Media & Facebook Ads Masterclass for a one-time payment of $197.

And as a bonus, you don't just get the "Godlywood Girl’s Guide To Slaying Social Media & Facebook Ads Masterclass.” I'll also give you a bonus eBook copy of my book, "How To Make A Sales Funnel That Earns Money While You Sleep," which teaches you the core strategy behind creating a passive income online.

So if you're ready to finally get your social media DONE, have your Facebook ads up and running and start selling your own products online so you can become the entrepreneur you know God purposed you to be, click the link below so you can get started today.

Thank you for your time. Here's to becoming the entrepreneurs God created us to be.


Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez

Your Instructor

Stephanie Rodnez
Stephanie Rodnez

My name is Stephanie Rodnez, and I’m a self-proclaimed Godlywood Girl. I work to empower women to step into their God-given purpose and achieve their greatness potential.

It begins by finding a woman who feels frustrated and stuck in her life. Then we provide a free training that helps her identify her true purpose. After that we teach her how to create the right action plan to make that purpose happen. Finally, we give her tools to stay productive and put in consistent work on her action plan.

My favorite part of what I do is seeing that same woman start thriving in her purpose, feeling fulfilled and full of joy, feeling motivated and driven and focused, because she’s finally aligned with her true calling for Christ.

There is no easy button. There is no get rich quick scheme here. Faith plus action is the key to success. Let me say that again. Faith plus action is the key to success. If you take action but don’t really believe you can do it, then you’ll mentally sabotage every single piece of action you take.

But if you have faith and don’t put in work to back it up, then you won’t make any real progress on your goals. Both faith and action are absolutely essential to your success. There is no short cut. You have to believe it’s possible, and you have to put in the work to back up that belief.

I’m so grateful the Lord taught me this lesson at such a young age. The blessing of producing three films by the time I was 24, launching two companies, getting my MBA and now working on my doctorate all by the age of 30, it’s all because God taught me that lesson at such a young age.

Faith plus action equals success.

Trust me, I’m no child prodigy. I’m not all that bright. I don’t have great sales skills or people skills or business skills. All of that was acquired from this one formula: faith plus action equals success.

And even when my lack of faith gets in the way of my actions, God ALWAYS provides a way back. God is always able. So if you’re ready to live that formula to the fullest and make real progress on your God-given purpose, grab your seat in the School Of Purpose Today!

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