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Everything you need to know about self-publishing your book


If You've Ever Wanted To Write And Publish A Book But Didn't Know The First Thing About Actually Doing It... Or You've Tried And Failed And Want A PROVEN System That Has Worked For Someone Else So You Know You're Getting It Done RIGHT...

GREAT NEWS! I've Created a PROVEN Step-by-Step System I've Personally Used To Publish 15 Books That Will Help You Take What You Already Know, Using Skills God Has Already Given You, to Write a Book and Self-Publish It Online.

If You're Ready To Get Your Message Out There, Teach Others What God Has Taught You, and Launch a New, Fantastic Career as an Expert in Your Field...

Get ready because for a limited time, I'm sharing the exact same formula I've used over a dozen times to self-publish 15 books and share my God-given testimony with readers!

Dear daughter of Christ,

Let's begin by answering the question that's been on your mind for months... maybe even years.

YES. You CAN write a book.

Right now, at this very moment, there is a story within you waiting to be shared with the. And right now, at this very moment, God has given you EVERYTHING you need to write — and self-publish — that very book that means so much to you and will mean so much to your audience.

Now I know what you're thinking:

"I can't write a book.... can I? I mean, I know a lot about my subject matter, but can I really write an entire book about it?"

You might also be thinking... "Where would I find the time to write? Doesn't it take years upon years upon years to write a good book?"

Maybe you're thinking "Even if I did find time to write it, who would want to buy it from me?"

Or worse still... "How the heck do I go about publishing the book? How do I get it out in front of people who will actually buy it?"

Well guess what lovely? Great news. I am here to put your mind at rest. Because you CAN find time to write, you CAN find people to read it and you CAN find the channels to publish it...

All You Need Is A System That Works.

Lovely, it's time to slay that voice of doubt and fear and IGNITE the truth of God - That you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you... Including writing your own book.

The truth is that I've had those thoughts in my mind at one point, too. But ALL PRAISE TO GOD I was about to overcome those fears and publish not one, not two but 15 BOOKS to my audience within a period of 5 years...

And guess what?


I'm giving you my exact formula for writing and self-publishing your own book — and if you follow it, you'll experience results similar to mine.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn in my Godlywood Girl Writer's Academy:

  • Phase 1 - Find the Perfect eBook Topic + Define The EXACT audience you’re writing your book for

In this first stage, I’ll teach you my exact formula for finding the perfect "winning" topic for your book. Everything starts by finding a topic you’re passionate about writing and people are passionate about buying. But more than that, I’ll show you my proven formula for identifying your EXACT target market – the people God called you to write your book for. If you don't get clear on this first phase, it can make the entire book writing process confusing. That's why I begin with showing you the exact formula I use to make this process seamless.

  • Phase 2 - Writing Your Book

Here is where I teach you my breakthrough formula for getting your book out of your head and onto the pages within DAYS... NOT years. I'll show you my exact formula for getting your first draft written without you having to spend countless hours figuring out if something "sounds right." You'l learn how to organize your content in a way that tells a story and resonates with your audience - and you'll learn my secret process for how I can do this in just 24 hours or less.

I’m going to show you my secret formula for how you actually CAN write your book quickly. And when I show it to you, you’re going to be like – "why didn’t I think of this before?"

Not only do I teach you my secret formula, I also show you eBook writing basics 101, including formatting, how long it should be, how to organize the book, how to structure your content, and so much more.

  • Phase 3 - Editing & Formatting Your Book

If you thought writing was hard, editing is going to blow your mind! Here is where I show you my formula for how you get your polished draft of your book finished and completed quickly and painlessly.

I'll cover copy editing, formatting and digital publishing. And I’ll show you my secret formula for how to crank this step out so you can get ready to publish your book online the right way.
Many new authors don't realize there are actual formats that need to be followed so their book is presented to their audience in the best light - and I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to do it the right way, step by step.

I’ll show you how to correctly format your eBook for Amazon.com and Kindle. I’ll show you how to beautifully format your book for your exact demographic using another FREE publishing tool that I’m obsessed with, and I’ll give you my secret resources for websites where you can find great pictures and icons to use in your eBook for free. And as a bonus to this week, I’ll also show you how to copyright your book so you protect your intellectual property.

  • Phase 4 - Marketing & Publishing

In module 4, I'll show you how to self-publish your final book files and market your book effectively using my incredible social media marketing strategy.

This is the HUGE moment where you officially become a self-published author. Here I’ll walk you through publishing your eBook to Kindle and Amazon.com. PLUS I’ll show you my amazing FREE tool for publishing a hard copy of your book too if you want to offer physical copies of your book on demand.

I’m so excited for you to experience this moment, where you get to call your mama and your friends and send them the link to your new book. It’s a REALLY cool moment and something I still remember experiencing for the first time.

Not only that, you'll have my step-by-step strategy that I use to launch my book to my audience so you can feel confident about your marketing and present your book in the beautiful light it deserves to shine in.

No more guessing your way through marketing. One of the biggest reasons people don't make money on their books is because they just don't do marketing - and I'm going to show you my step-by-step system for how you can use social media to market your book to your audience.

And that's just the beginning!

My love, THIS is why God put me here at such a time of this - to teach all my fellow sisters in Christ how to share their God-given testimony and expertise in a self-published book. So if you've ever dreamed of writing your book, then I want to help you.

And here's how we'll do it together:

  • 8 weekly video modules with me, Stephanie Rodnez, that you can watch anywhere you have online access.
  • Post-course 30 day accountability webinar follow-up so I can make sure you're on track to get your book out of your head and onto the page within 8 weeks or less!
  • 8 Weekly email reminders motivating you to get into the course and follow the EXACT process I use to generate new books in less than a day.
  • Downloadable course worksheets with every module you can use to take action on the training and apply the steps to write your book
  • And so much more!

Click to get started now.

In this program, you'll learn:

  • How to write an eBook on a $0 budget
  • How to start the writing process and get your ebook done in 8 weeks or less
  • How to find the right target audience that wants to read your ebook
  • How to select a topic that sells (and that you're passionate about)
  • How to write your ebook content step-by-step
  • How to format it into the correct digital file for publshing
  • How to get an editor to review your work
  • How to market & sell your ebook
  • How to find time to actually sit down and get your ebook done

You'll learn all this plus all my secret tricks and shortcuts so you can get your ebook done in 8 weeks or less. Follow along with me step-by-step as I teach you how to turn your dreams of being a writer into reality!

Your Instructor

Stephanie Rodnez
Stephanie Rodnez

My name is Stephanie Rodnez, and I’m a self-proclaimed Godlywood Girl. I work to empower women to step into their God-given purpose and achieve their greatness potential.

It begins by finding a woman who feels frustrated and stuck in her life. Then we provide a free training that helps her identify her true purpose. After that we teach her how to create the right action plan to make that purpose happen. Finally, we give her tools to stay productive and put in consistent work on her action plan.

My favorite part of what I do is seeing that same woman start thriving in her purpose, feeling fulfilled and full of joy, feeling motivated and driven and focused, because she’s finally aligned with her true calling for Christ.

There is no easy button. There is no get rich quick scheme here. Faith plus action is the key to success. Let me say that again. Faith plus action is the key to success. If you take action but don’t really believe you can do it, then you’ll mentally sabotage every single piece of action you take.

But if you have faith and don’t put in work to back it up, then you won’t make any real progress on your goals. Both faith and action are absolutely essential to your success. There is no short cut. You have to believe it’s possible, and you have to put in the work to back up that belief.

I’m so grateful the Lord taught me this lesson at such a young age. The blessing of producing three films by the time I was 24, launching two companies, getting my MBA and now working on my doctorate all by the age of 30, it’s all because God taught me that lesson at such a young age.

Faith plus action equals success.

Trust me, I’m no child prodigy. I’m not all that bright. I don’t have great sales skills or people skills or business skills. All of that was acquired from this one formula: faith plus action equals success.

And even when my lack of faith gets in the way of my actions, God ALWAYS provides a way back. God is always able. So if you’re ready to live that formula to the fullest and make real progress on your God-given purpose, grab your seat in the School Of Purpose Today!

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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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